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Helping Candidates 
Build a Better Campaign

Building a successful campaign can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We are here to help you from the moment you decide to run.



Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

Field Plan

At Belva, we use our experience to find the voters that you need to talk to. We will use data to find your target audience and work with you to craft a Field Program. We can even help you find volunteers and train them to become Organizers to connect with others in their communities and help grow your voter base. 

Finance Plan

The unfortunate truth about campaigns is that they cost money. Which means campaigns must raise money. The task can feel daunting: finding donors, creating call lists, and knowing how much to ask for. That’s where Belva Campaign Builders comes in. We will help you create a finance plan for you so you can spend    less time fundraising and more time connecting with voters.

Connect with Voters

We know that your district is as unique as you and your campaign. At Belva, we have nearly 10 years of experience connecting with voters  across Iowa, from the largest metropolitan centers to the smallest rural towns. We will partner with you to create a strategy that combines Relational Organizing with data driven outreach to connect with the voters in your district. 



Iowa Campaign Experts

Belva Campaign Builders was started by Lizz Tyler after years of helping candidates across the state of Iowa get their campaigns off the ground. Lizz saw that Iowa doesn't have a shortage of quality candidates, but does have a shortage of those with the expertise about Iowa voters. 

When you first decide to run for office it can feel overwhelming: How will you raise money? How do you connect with voters? How do you even get your name on the ballot? Lizz created Belva Campaign Builders so that Iowa candidates no longer have to feel like they are starting from scratch. We use what we have learned in the field in communities across Iowa--both urban and rural--to work with you to craft a campaign plan that will set you up for success. 

We chose the name "Belva" after Belva Lockwood, the first woman to argue before the Supreme Court and the first woman to run for President--all before women won the right to vote. It is her spirit to not accept "No" for an answer that inspires everything that we do at Belva Campaign Builders. We believe that you can change Iowa for the better and we are ready to help get you elected!



"[Belva] is always there for whatever I need."

Lindsay James
Iowa State Representative



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Let’s Work Together

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